Epidemic Sound


The global leading marketplace of restriction-free music and sound effects, Epidemic Sound has built a highly defensible position over the last 14 years.  Youtube videos using music from Epidemic Sound artists are played 1.5 billion times each day. They personally commission all their music, giving artists a new way to earn. Having just taken on a $450 million funding round to accelerate customer acquisition, invest in their core user experience and fuel their international expansion, the brand tasked us with developing a community brand strategy  that would make their brand come alive across their wide spread of community channels and touchpoints.

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Empower Creative Freedom

Epidemic Sound has done an incredible job building their brand footprint; but, while they’ve succeeded in multiple cases and places in gaining following, views and subscribers to their service, their community efforts weren’t speaking clearly and consistently to their brand identity, or achieving their brand KPI’s. For the brand to come alive, their offer; their role in relation to the community, needed clarity. ’Empowering Creative Freedom’ became the strategic imperative—some might call it a purpose—to sit at the very center of all their community brand and marketing efforts. It would guide the brand to act and put people—their community of creators; their wants, needs, desires, aspirations—at the heart of the brand’s communications. From there, we developed an internal brand strategy that spoke it, ran workshops with the relevant teams to move from ‘what’ to ‘how’ and co-created brand boards that spoke the imperative, and the brand, more broadly, to potential creators, affiliates and ambassadors.

Leap Beyond

Taking cue from the strategic direction, we developed a holistic customer-facing community strategy packed with new campaign and activation ideas as well as a full audit of their current activations, content types and cross-channel campaigns.

Huge thanks to Marta Strokirk, Emma Mollerberg and the brand and marketing teams at Epidemic Sound for the awesome collaboration.