Flybox came to us for help creating a brand with optimism at heart that celebrates their commitment to the food producers, retailers and farmers who feed the world, and their work to ensure everyone’s right to abundant, nutritious and cost-effective protein. 

They wanted a brand they could use as a differentiator t in an emerging industry dominated by science types (i.e. not brand types) 

Leap Beyond

At the core  of every brand is a solid idea. For Flybox, this idea is 'Leap Beyond'. The logic: In an industry riddled with challenges both ecological and economic, mere progress isn't enough; we must pioneer transformative solutions. Flybox offers not just a step, but a leap beyond these challenges, providing tools that are not only ecologically sustainable but also economically sound. 'Leap Beyond' embodies Flybox's commitment to transcending present limitations and leading the industry and world into a sustainable and prosperous food future.

We then layered on a brand mission to underscore Flybox’s ambitions, and aid distinctiveness: ‘To build 1000 insect-farms by 2030.’ Because of how expensive insect-farming has been to set up in the past, the mission is a head turner that clearly signifies Flybox must be doing something worth seeing. 

We created a visual identity and design system that speaks to the brand's intrinsic optimism and boldness while ensuring a minimalistic, clean approach that appeals broadly to agri-food and food businesses. We broke out of industry cliches like the often unreachable ‘future- tech’ look of modern tech companies, and the even-more-often eco-doom approach that many agri-food companies take. 


When it came to activating the brand, Flybox needed a website, social stationary and templates, bespoke videos and a fundraising deck plus organic content on Linkedin to attract investors. We continue to work with Flybox on activation as they scale.

Huge thanks to Andrea, Larry, Thomas and the Flybox team for this incredible collaboration