Introducing GUTS—the new-age startup studio that exists to save your time, $$; and maybe…your soul. We created an edgy, spirited brand with a bold sincerity at its core to emphasize GUTS founder-friendly approach, and to reinforce their counterpoint to the traditional venture builder experience: rife with misaligned partnerships, predatory practices and kitchen sink approaches.

Make Startups Unstoppable

The idea at the core of GUTS is to ‘Make Startups Unstoppable.’ The logic: 9/10 startups fail. Simply put, startups are VERY stoppable. It’s often the case, especially for first time founders, that even though these founders are fearless, spirited doers, they lose time, money and motivation in the early days. Whether it’s miscalculating or misunderstanding the opportunity, the technological or legal environment, signing into misaligned partnerships, signing on for ineffective or unnecessary services or falling prey to predatory practices, there is a woeful foray of ways to sink an early stage startup. GUTS offers to play a support role—lighting the way and building bespoke teams to deliver just what you need and nothing more: saving you time, money and maybe your soul, and giving you the backup you need to make your startup unstoppable. 

We named the brand, created a distinct core and verbal identity, designed a website, and collaborated with Sauce advertising to create a visual identity that speaks to the brand's edgy, spirited nature, using isometrics to evoke GUTS modern, innovative capabilities in the areas of venture building. 

Image Description
Image Description

Huge thanks to Rob, Oliver, the Avamae team and Sauce Advertising for the collab!