Dan Mace is a prolific young film director and Youtuber. Skillshare approached Dan to collaborate on a series of brand integrations alongside two classes authored by Dan for the Skillshare platform. We stepped in to conceptualize, structure and negotiate a package, conceptualize and script the classes, liaise with Skillshare, and design any brand assets needed.


The best collaborations between brands and creators are those that enable a genuine working relationship to be built and broadcasted over time. The clue is in the title ‘brand integration’—if a brand wants to be integrated into a creator's content; brand, being, it must develop a genuine-to-both-parties story and an equally genuine way of rolling the story out. We built out an integration plan that introduced Skillshare and weaved the brand naturally into Dan’s narrative, consisting of two Youtube spots, two Skillshare classes, and a number of videos on Dan’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts at key moments, distributed over a 6 month period. The collaboration was incredibly successful—one of two classes is a Skillshare Staff Pick, and to this day one of the most popular classes on the platform.