Michael came to us to build an IRL [in real life] challenger brand to the likes of Bumble, Tinder and Hinge and Happn around his digital product that helps people connect and meet IRL.


We created a hip and playful brand with confidence at its heart around the idea 'meet & see'. The idea places strong emphasis on meeting IRL and cutting out all the crap in between. The endless swiping, catfishing, superficiality and overwhelming choice of apps like Bumble and Tinder. It also plays on the curiosity one feels about the doors that will open with every IRL meet. We leaned into a supporter role for the brand—the brand as Q if the customer was James Bond—where most of our competitors play the main act. 

We created a verbal identity and messaging framework around ‘the nudge’—being the prompt we give users to inspire that moment of electric confidence they need to approach someone IRL. 

We created a visual identity that speaks energy, fun, youth and adventure, with a bespoke sans serif font, pastel colors, and simple, bold shapes. Most of our competitors use bright color palettes—cobalt, pink and yellow—so to stand apart, we went for juicy apricots, warm corals, a bit muted, but energetic, warm and cheerful all the same.

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